Hollywood Lights 2016

“Jennifer Aniston looks 10 years younger with this hair colour, when its done properly it really makes you look younger.” Bruno Lial, michaeljohn’s signature colourist is talking about the trend that’s been sweeping the red carpet: Hollywood Lights, the next stage in hair contouring. Within recent weeks Aniston, as well as Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet, Jane Fonda and Amber Heard have all been spotted with this more pronounced and illuminating hair colour technique. And michaeljohn is leading the way offering this new innovation to

What Hollywood Lights, or advanced contouring consists of is “placing more dramatic shades of light on strategic places on a haircut to illuminate or frame the face,” explains Lial, one of the colour experts in michaeljohn’s Mayfair salon. Just as contouring has become a major story for facial make up in recent years, so contouring for hair has arrived in the last year or so to add another flattering aspect. This is a hair colour technique that subtly works magic on your skin tone: lighting up dull skin and brightening the facial features “it illuminates the face,” continues Lial, “you put the shades in the right place, its exactly like make up on your face, you know you would use some darker products to accentuate the features and some light ones to highlight.”

Hollywood Lights, a more dramatic contouring technique, is usually done on dry hair prior to a haircut. The colourist assesses the client’s facial shape and features and decides where the highlights will go. “When I look at a clients face I immediately know where the contour is going to go,” says Lial, “You’ve got three basic face shapes round, rectangular and triangular and from there you know where to put the light or the dark.” It’s a two-stage process in the chair; first the highlights are painted on, a ‘hands free’ technique like balayage. They’re generally painted on from the mid lengths to the ends in various v shapes according to the shape of the face. The hair colourist makes the judgement as to whether the lighter bits go close to the skin or further back on the head. The second phase is a toning product to add an extra shine to hair. “The advantage of this technique is that you can do it on any kind of base colour, as long as you respect the fact that you’re going two shades lighter around the face,” concludes Lial.

What’s so lovely about Hollywood Lights is the complete subtlety of the finished look. Even those who are nervous about hair colour can take complete confidence from the skill of michaeljohn’s stylists and the extremely flattering finished look. With the nought-teens shaping up to be the decade of ‘statement’ hair colour – from crazy colour, glow in the dark to dip dye to ombre – this is perhaps the most gorgeously barely perceptible option for anyone who wants to look classy, polished and youthful. “It’s an evolution of the classic ombre where the roots are dark,” reckons Lial, “now we play with light and it’s a whole new look for the red carpet.”

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