Peel Away The Years

Facial peels have really moved on. Gone are the days when you were covered in chemicals and then had to spend days hiding in a darkened room as your skin peeled off like a lizard’s.

In keeping with the whole organic, natural era we are living in, I recently tried the Ginger Peel at the new Michaeljohn Medispa. Made exclusively from plant extracts and natural ingredients there are several stages to the treatment; first the actual ginger peel, which smells divine and really does feel like it’s doing something. While it’s on, your skin heats up to the point of feeling slightly uncomfortable. After that, my therapist Umay covered my face with a herbal exfoliating mixture, which increases the skin’s blood circulation and metabolism. This was followed by a calming mask and gorgeous face massage to increase lymphatic drainage. Umay has been in this business for 22 years and you can almost feel her years of experience in her finger-tips. The final part of the treatment was 20 minutes under a LED light, which boosts collagen production. Afterwards my skin was plumped, firm and glowing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such dramatic results from a facial. Here I am immediately afterwards.

The day after I was slightly red (actually my husband thought I had a sun tan) but my skin is still glowing three days on.

Umay suggests one every two weeks for a period of six weeks then a top-up once every four weeks or so for best results. It’s particularly good for sun-damaged skin, pigmentation issues and large pores.




The Ginger Peel is available at the Michaeljohn MediSpa and costs £250.

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