The Clearlift Lunchtime Facelift

The days of the purely relaxing facial are over. Now they have to actually be effective, not only leaving you with a sense of well-being but noticeably improved skin.
The Clearlift Lunchtime Facelift is just that, combining several procedures for great results. First minuscule holes are made in the upper dermis in order to allow the laser to heat up the dermis beneath, which in turn tricks it into producing collagen to combat the perceived heat damage. Following the laser treatment, the therapists uses radio frequency to plump up the skin and lift it.
Not only does the Clearlift Facial produce more collagen, but it stimulates new cells and repairs sun damage. This is a multi-tasking treatment at its best, giving you immediate results with plumper, clearer skin as well as long-term results through the stimulation of collagen in the lower dermis.
It’s ideal for those who want to look like a younger version of themselves. And all in the space of one lunchtime and with no downtime.

The Clearlift Lunchtime Facial is available at the Michaeljohn MediSpa and costs £250. But readers of this blog will receive a £50 discount. Call 0207 752 0652 to book.

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