For the man who has everything

A therapist friend of mine works in male grooming. She does massages and hair removal at high-end gyms and sports clubs. She tells me that nowadays a laser hair removal machine is an essential piece of equipment at any high-end gym. And it’s not only used by the women or the more metrosexual clients. She has some fairly macho types including a few premier league football players on her list of clients. “There is hardly a stray body hair among them,” she confides.

This tells you something about male grooming today. Looking like Burt Lancaster is no longer acceptable. And for your average man on the street, it’s a real dilemma.

“Just how much hair is acceptable these days?” asked a male friend of mine who recently decided to embark on a course of chest-hair removal. This is not the kind of conversation I normally have with men, but it’s happening with increasing regularity. Men are really unsure of what they should be doing with, first and foremost, their chest hair.

My friend has had two sessions and is delighted with the results so far. He doesn’t want to go “totally bald’ but felt he had more than his fair share of follicles.

Now, he tells me, his chest hair is rather more groomed and sophisticated than the wild, unruly rug nature bestowed on him.

He will probably have one or two more sessions and then leave it at that. Mission accomplished. “I can’t imagine ever going back to the full amount,” he says. “It just seems totally wrong.” He tells me the treatments were relatively pain-free. Coming from a man, you know that means they don’t hurt at all.

If you are looking for the perfect present for the man who has everything, what could be better and more useful (not to mention original) than a course of laser hair removal sessions? The Michaeljohn therapist will be able to advise on exactly how far to go for the perfect look. She probably won’t suggest the total alabaster some men go for, so three sessions should see a massive difference. The machines there are so sophisticated they can deal with any skin tone.

But going briefly back to my therapist friend. I was desperate to know which footballer had what done in terms of personal grooming so showed her some pictures of famous players in the hope that she might recognize someone. “Oh, I don’t know,” she said. “They’re all just chests and bottoms to me.” But presumably hairless ones….

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