Michaeljohn Salon In London: Luxus And Comfort

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Michaeljohn Salon In London: Luxus And Comfort

In the summer months, keeping your hair and skin as healthy as possible with extra sun exposure is essential. Beauty salon treatments not only help maintain you looking fabulous this time but are also a source of good spirits.

While summer love is a time to relax and flaunt your bright, colourful outfits, it is, in fact, the heat which makes our lives challenging. During the scorching summer, we all want to look beautiful and keep our skin and hair healthy. But, unlike any other weather, summer requires special care for your hair and skin as the sun creates problems with moisturising our bodies, beautiful skin and flawless hair.
Today women tend to have a busy lifestyle, managing long working hours and domestic chores simultaneously. Consequently, they hardly find time to pamper themselves or do a beauty procedure. However, visiting beauty salons during the summer is highly recommended to prevent breakouts and minimise sun damage.

Michaeljohn Salon and Michaeljohn Medispa in Belgravia are women’s best-loved ateliers for hair and beauty treatments. Providing its clients with first-class service in hair, beauty and medical aesthetic services, Michaeljohn has become well-known as the industry leader and is internationally acknowledged for its outstanding reputation.
Michaeljohn possesses highly talented stylists, colourists and hair extension specialists who have worked on high-profile shoots for top designers such as Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana, securing significant transformations and ahead-of-the-trend cuts.

A passionate team of highly skilled stylists is an excellent asset to the salon. According to the Daily Mail, French Dermatologist Dr Sylvie Bourrée is one of France’s leading cosmetic surgeons and an expert in aesthetic medicine. Above all, she mainly specialises in subtle lip treatments to ensure exceptionally natural results. There are several treatments Dr Bourrée provides to her clients: Wrinkle, Hyaluronic fillers, Silhouette Soft Thread Lift, and Dr Bourrée Signature Face Sculpting.

Stop&Grow – the long-term treatment for hair loss

More than 40 % of women suffer from various hair problems, especially hair loss. But what is actually behind it? The endogenous hormone hormone DHT makes the active hair roots decay and produce less new hair. Michaeljohn Belgravia possesses a passionate team of talented hair specialists who offer Stop And Grow treatmentusing the products from HairDreams. HairDreams has developed a new anti-hair loss therapy in close collaboration with a highly qualified team from the fields of science and medicine, as well as hairdressers. The therapy deliver visible results: consistent treatment increases hair volume by up to 23% in 3 months, depending on each individuals situation and genetic predisposition.

The Stop And Grow Programm includes:

1. Scalp Analysis

Examination of the scalp and recommendation of a customised therapy plan by a trained specialist;

2. Intensive In Salon Treatment

Intensive treatment with special pre and post treatment applications allowing for particularly intensive absorption of the active substances into the scalp.

3. Therapy Plan

A detailed therapy contains important guidelines and tips for optimal home care, as well as regular salon appointments for control and intensive treatments.

Besides Stop and Grow treatments, Michaeljohn Medispa offers a wide range of advanced laser hair removal and facial treatments. Bespoke facials from IPL, pigmentation, redness, acne, face-body, tightening and lifting to Men’s facial. In addition, customised facials from Environ, Skin Ceuticals, Dermaquest, Diamond Flower Peel, Oxygen Infusion, Mesotherapy, CACI Synergy, waxing, massage and threading. Michaeljohn Salon offers luxurious and relaxing surroundings. When a beauty salon is thought of as more than just a chore to fix your hair, a wide range of positive aspects is being to emerge. Designed with comfort and relaxation in mind, Michaeljohn Salon is a mini-retreat from ordinary duties. By providing massage options, Michaeljohn sets a little peace as well. As a result, you will leave the salon feeling pretty and refreshed.

Clear Skin: Laser Hair Removal

Today, laser technology has advanced rapidly, and the latest generation of lasers can target body hair very effectively without affecting the surrounding skin. It means that you can certainly get laser hair removal during summer and avoid sun exposure.

With a very high customer loyalty and satisfaction scores, Clear Skin offers the most effective, yet safe treatments on the market, being passionate about achieving visible results. This brand is built by offering safe, effective treatments for both men and women. Clear Skin’s clientele includes celebrities, singers, actors and models. So, your perfect choice is to visit a Beauty Clinic in central London – a fatastic team of professionals who can help and sunsult you today.

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