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Balayage Blends at Michaeljohn

Great Lengths has just launched a new ground-breaking extensions technique at Michaeljohn -Balayage Blends that mimics the look of the French colour technique to create multidimensional looks, all with ethically sourced natural hair.

Lasting from four to six months, the extensions can be applied for balayage colour effects alone or to volumise and extend the length of the hair in addition.  The world’s leading and most innovative hair extensions brand has created stunning results without permanent colour.  The tapes require less maintenance than salon colour dye and are cost effective by lasting from four to six months.

With Balayage Blonds there are hundreds of  hair transformations to choose such as face framing with lighter tones to lift the complexion, deep chestnut towards the end of the hair for drama or dramatic emerald or pink extensions with a choice of XXX shades of hair in all.

The versatile extensions can be applied for balayage effects alone  or to also volumise and extend the length of the hair keeping it healthy with no damage from dye.

To protect the hair with the tapes are applied by Michaeljohn’s skilled extension experts, Great Lengths has devised an innovative technique to bond extensions to natural hair with Ultrasonic Touch, a cold application device taking just one second per welt while Xtrem coating technology improves the extensions durability.

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