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Brazilian Blow Dry & Keraplex

Brazilian blowdry

Brazilian blow dry from £250.00

Dimitra, Nicole, Phoebe, Rali, Brogan and Tugba have decades of  experience in Brazilian blow-drys and has developed their own system to create any result from having just a natural cross free calmer version of your hair to completely straight. With an in depths consultation, we will help determine the desired result for each and every client and it will be a bespoke version so not one job is the same for us. The result will last up to 6 months.

There is a great skepticism on the market of side effects for Brazilian blow-drys which have given them a bad name. We have intensively configured our own way of working with this product so that there are no side effect and only benefits.

These benefits include:

  • A personalised desired outcome
  • Frizz reduction
  • Smoother and more manageable hair
  • Reinforcement of strength and quality
  • Protects the hair from any heat or colour damaged from colour or styling.

No longer will you have to spend hours in the morning trying to get our hair to behave as the treatment will tackle all of the hose problem making one’s life far easier. Also, you will able to go into a humid climate and have your hair looking great.

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Keraplex treatment

Keraplex treatment is from £350.00

The Keraplex treatment is the ultimate Bespoke service that Dimitra, Nicole, Phoebe, Rali, Brogan and Tugba offer. With his unique blend of bond rebuilding added this will leave the hair in a much greater condition than just your Brazilian blowdry. The Keraplex was designed for people who have damaged, over sensitised hair that needs saving from a lifetime of colour and styling.

The Keraplex will rebuild the broken bonds in the hair structures chain and when looked after properly can fully repair the hair back to it original state. This treatment will restore the hair making it smooth, glossy and shiny.

The benefits of a keraplex include:

Rebuilding the bonds of the hair structure
Restore the elasticity in the hair
Strengthen the hair to a higher degree and considerably improving the quality
Frizz reduction
Smoother and more manageable hair
Protects the hair from any heat or colour damage.
The Keraplex is for recommended for anyone really and results will last up to 6 months

keraplex smoothing system treatment

Keraplex treatment After

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Gold Leaf Keratin Treatment (Plant Based)

Gold Leaf Premium Keratin Treatment – Plant Based Keratin Treatment – Vegan-Friendly

An advanced keratin-based process that will give your hair a smooth straight glossy look, milder version of Keratin treatment, has the ability to identify a specific area that needs more work to be straightened. It does not damage the hair and it has a smoother scent.

Liquid 24k gold reduces static electricity in your hair and reduces hair water absorption, protecting it from humidity salt water and rain.

plant based smoothing keratin system treatment

Gold Leaf Keratin Treatment after

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Nano Keratin

Smoothing treatment

Treatment from £400.00

The Nano Keratin Smoothing treatment is the UK’S leading smoothing product. It is a revolutionary hair care system designed to eliminate frizz, lock in colour and enhance shine. It creates a fantastic smooth blow dry that will last up to 12 weeks. Nano Keratin system has developed a unique Biomimetic technology where by it breaks down Keratin to a micro molecular size enabling it to penetrate into the hair shave to create smooth, manageable hair even to those with most unruly hair types.

These benefits include:

  • Eliminates Frizz
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Reduces blowdrying time by up to 80%
  • Allows easier styling of hair
  • Enhances and locks in colour
  • Stops colour from fading
  • Increases shine and smoothness
  • Lasts up to 12 weeks
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nano keratin smoothing treatment
nano keratin smoothing treatment
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