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Keraplex treatment

Keraplex treatment

Keraplex treatment is from £350.00

The Keraplex treatment is the ultimate Bespoke service that Dayne Dante offers. With his unique blend of bond rebuilding added this will leave the hair in a much greater condition than just your Brazilian blowdry. The Keraplex was designed for people who have damaged, over sensitised hair that needs saving from a lifetime of colour and styling.

The Keraplex will rebuild the broken bonds in the hair structures chain and when looked after properly can fully repair the hair back to it original state. This treatment will restore the hair making it smooth, glossy and shiny.

The benefits of a keraplex include:

  • Rebuilding the bonds of the hair structure
  • Restore the elasticity in the hair
  • Strengthen the hair to a higher degree and considerably improving the quality
  • Frizz reduction
  • Smoother and more manageable hair
  • Protects the hair from any heat or colour damage.

The Keraplex is for recommended for anyone really and results will last up to 6 months

Keraplex treatment Before and After

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