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Michaeljohn Medispa

Dr Sylvie Bourrée

Dr Sylvie Bourrée is an absolute expert in aesthetic medicine and runs her own aesthetic clinics in Cannes and in Paris and practices
at Michealjohn Chelsea, Belgravia 2 weeks per month. Dr. Sylvie Bourrée is a renowned specialist in aesthetic medicine. She is specialized in non-surgical rejuvenating skin treatments, wrinkle treatments and anti-aging. Aesthetic medicine has long been a passion for Dr. Sylvie Bourrée, which helps her in constantly improving her techniques and knowledge. Since 2000 she has devoted her passion to help her patients to feel better with procedures that enhance their natural beauty and restore the look of vitality from their youth. 
To book an appointment, Please call 07872336347 – – Dr. Sylvie Website: Click here

Wrinkle TreatmentFrom £300
Hyaluronic FillersFrom £400
Silhouette Soft Thread LiftFrom £1200
Dr Bourrée Signature Face SculptingPCA

Dr Paul Charlson

Paul is a highly experienced cosmetic physician with over 19 years of experience in the speciality and has performed thousands of successful procedures and has many loyal long-standing clients. He uses techniques learnt over the years attending conferences with the world’s leading exponents of cosmetic medicine.
Past President of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM). Trustee of the Joint Council a cross industry body working with government to improve safety and training cosmetic medicine. Key opinion leader for several leading aesthetic brands. One of the most experienced cosmetic injectors in the UK
Regularly attends exclusive elite injector training seminars in UK & Europe. Holds a Certificate in Cosmetic Medicine. Runs NHS dermatology services. Holds a Diploma in Practical Dermatology from the University of Wales. Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Regularly writes in the medical press and national newspapers. Every other Tuesday at Michaeljohn Medispa.  To book please call  07545 371100

Wrinkle freezing
1 site£225
2 sites£275
3 sites or more from£300
Bunny lines on nose£50 extra
Neck and Jaw- Nefertiti lift from£300
Individualised treatments-

fish mouth, apple chin, gummy smile

Please enquire
Male treatment add £25 per site
Dermal filler 
Smokers’ lip lines /bar codesFrom £300
Nose to mouth lines,  1ml volume fillerFrom £300
Peri oral reconstructionFrom £500
Lip plumping 0.5ml£225
Lip plumping  1ml£300
Lip plumping  2ml£450
Lip/Peri-oral reconstruction£495 (2ml filler)
Cheeks & Jaw Line
Radiesse 1.5ml£375
Radiesse 3ml£575
Radiesse 4.5ml£700
Hyaluronic acid volume fillerFrom £300
Tear trough     from£450
Eyebrow lift  & reshape from£550
Temple lift fromFrom £300
Non surgical rhinoplasty, nose smoothing£450
Hand rejuvenation£550
Ear Lobes£350
Profhilo Skin Remodelling£350
Sculptra- collagen synthesis£400 per vial (packages available)
Skinpen microneedling£200
Skinpen course of 4£700
Aqualyx fat dissolveFrom £400
B12 injections£60
Private Dermatology Consultation£150
Short aesthetic consultation£50
Mastoid/ teeth grinding  from£250
Underarm Sweating, hyperhidrosis£495
Palm sweating per palm£300
Migraine prevention   & control   from£650
Acne treatment (medication extra)£250
Hair Loss initial consultation£350
Sclerotherapy – thread vein removal from£300
Keloid Scar consultation + treatment£250
Rosacea consultation£150
Melasma consultation£150
Steriod scar injections£150
Subcision of scarsFrom £250
To book please call 07545371100
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Silhouette Soft uses a double action effect to restore smoother and more toned skin, but also a more shapely face.

To meet this requirement, Silhouette Soft combines two effects: An immediate repositioning of the tissue and a gradual regeneration of collagen.

The repositioning effect is immediate and discreet. It is the result of tissue compression and skin elevation at the time of implanting the suture. After inserting the suture, the doctor applies slight pressure on the treated area. In this way, the doctor reshapes the contours of your face and makes it visibly smoother.

The regenerating effect is gradual: Poly L-lactic acid (PLLA), the principal component of Silhouette Soft® is a well-known polymer that has been used for many years in a number of biomedical and pharmaceutical applications: suture thread, orthopedic pins, rods, screws and nails for bone fractures. It is because this polymer shows excellent biocompatability and is biodegradable that such applications have been developed.

The small cones on the Silhouette Soft® Suture provide traction and fixation points, a natural foreign body reaction then reinforces this, by the build-up of new collagen formation. This action is what helps restore shapeliness to the face and neck.

Before and After

How do you know Silhouette Soft is safe?

Unlike many suspension sutures on the market today which originate from Asia, Silhouette Soft® is made in the USA and is subject to numerous sanitary controls.

Silhouette Soft® is made of a resorbable and biocompatible components, which has proven its worth in various medical fields:

The main component of Silhouette Soft® – Poly L- lactic acid (or PLLA) – has been used for many years in various pharmaceutical and medical applications such as suture thread, orthopedic pins, screws and nails for bone fractures etc.

Are you Suitable for Silhouette Soft?

Silhouette Soft is recommend for men and women who are trying to combat sagging skin or loss of volume but don’t want heavy and invasive treatment.