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Skin Specialist Jyoti

Facials & Skin Care



The definitive skin treatment solution to prolong the health and liveliness of the skin.

45 minutes – Hydrating treatment£85
60 minutes£95
90 minutes£160
120 minutes£195

Environ Cool Peel

This treatment helps to clear the skins surface of dead cells, using lactic acid peel.

45 minutes£85


SkinCeuticals provide tailor made skin treatments that have their foundations based on science.

60 minutes£90
90 minutes£135
45 minutes – Peel Treatment£85


DermaQuest provide skincare products and therapies using leading stem cell technologies.

45 minutes – Peel Treatment£90
60 minutes£90
90 minutes£135


Pioneered to treat the signs of premature aging, CACI Facials are our best non-surgical face lifting treatments.
This treatment combines LED light therapy and microcurrent therapy.

30 minutes – Jaw Lift£55
45 minutes – Jaw Lift£70
60 minutes£105
90 minutes£150
45 minutes – Eye Lift £60
30 minutes – CACI Body£45

Oxygen Infusion: Face & Body

A popular oxy nova life suction stimulation method, Oxygen facial provides a vitality boost.

60 minutes£135
90 minutes£195
60 minutes – Oxy – Needling (course of 5 + 1 free)£245
90 minutes – Oxy – Needling£90

Diamond Flower Peel

Our latest facial combines the power of nature and science to provide solutions to rosacea, sensitive & fragile skin and can also gently polish the skin.

60 minutes£95
25 minutes£60


Mesotherapy is used to improve skin quality, rejuvenate, rehydrate reduce sagging and increase tightness
by stimulating collagen and skin elasticity. This therapy replaces naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients
to leave the skin more luminescent, hydrated, nourished firmer with an improved texture.
from £120

Eyes & Threading

Eyebrow Shape£20
Eyebrow tint£20
Eyelash Tint£25
Eyelash Perm£65
Eyebrow Threading£20
Lip Threading£15
Chin Threading£20
Face Threading£60
Jaw Line Threading£35

Dr Sylvie Bourrée

Dr Sylvie Bourrée is an absolute expert in aesthetic medicine and runs her own aesthetic clinics in Cannes and in Paris and practices at Michealjohn Chelsea, Belgravia 2 weeks per month.

Wrinkle TreatmentFrom £300
Hyaluronic FillersFrom £400
Silhouette Soft Thread LiftFrom £1200
Dr Bourrée Signature Face SculptingPCA

Skin Specialist Kate

Bespoke Signature Facial- 1 hour
After a thorough consultation, your skin will be prepped with a bespoke micro peel and extractions to deep cleanse the skin’s surface and pores. Following this, a medley of vitamins, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants will be administered to the skin with a non-invasive, gentle hydra-jet. This unique practice treats the skin on a level of topical products alone cannot. To clarify and sooth the skin, bursts of oxygen are used to help heal and plump stressed and tired skin.
Oxygen is essential to cell function, and this includes our skin. Travel, living in a city or working in a climate controlled environment all expose our skin to damaging free radicals which have an adverse effect on our skin’s functions. This bespoke treatment is designed to reinforce the skin’s integrity and vitality. Perfect for skin rejuvenation on all skin types including even the most sensitive skins. LED light therapy is used to improve skins functions on a cellular level.

The Everything Facial- 1.5 Hours
The EVERYTHING is the most elite of Facials, Dubbed “the Bootcamp of Facials” by top beauty bloggers. 1hr 30mins Kate will thoroughly exercise your skin beginning with a micro peel and extractions to exfoliate, deep cleanse and detox the skin. After which, a mix of vitamins, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants are cherry picked for you and oxygen infusion delivers these to your skin’s surface. The hydra-jet will give the skin a thorough boost, helping to clarify.
After your skin has been rebalanced and corrected, a non-invasive specialised Radiofrequency and LED light therapy is used to plump and nourish your collagen supply on a cellular level by means of increased hydration levels. Working on the transepidermal level of skin results are visible immediately after treatment. Et Voila!! Plumped, glowing and ready for that special occasion or red carpet event!

Skin Specialist Daniella

PRP platelet rich plasma
Starting price £225 Face/neck/ décolletage.

(Also known as a vampire facial)
Improves texture and boosts collagen using the body’s own blood plasma.
A small amount of blood is taken from the arm (like a blood test) and placed into a centrifuge machine to separate the plasma (blood itself isn’t used), the plasma is then massaged into the specific area of concern after being micro needled (small punctures) to create the entry point’s ( a numbing cream is applied before the procedure takes place)
The growth factors in the plasma work like magic, increasing collagen and new blood flow, thus rejuvenating the skin.
This excellent treatment is a fantastic healer and is also widely used in hospital’s to treat injury’s. The anti-ageing/healing properties are superb. Can also be used to treat enlarged pores, dark circles/discolouration.

Courses are available.

Muscle relaxing micro injections: (Botox)
Starting from £180

Small injections are made into the skin, the product then relaxes the relevant overactive muscle/s, as a result, smoothing fine lines, wrinkles.
This treatment gives a beautifully youthful and radiant appearance.
An extremely popular go to treatment.

Dermal filler’s:
Starting from £198
This product consists of hyaluronic acid, which naturally occurs in human collagen. It is then used to fill lines and wrinkles, (areas of concern) crows feet/lips/cheeks/jawline.. etc thus reshaping the face by improving volume loss, giving a naturally youthful, plumped appearance.

Energy Healing;

Access Energetic Facelift: £125
This treatment is an excellent feel good, look good invigorating energy therapy.
Gentle soothing touch is applied to the face and neck. This relaxing treatment clears the mind of clutter, working on a cellular/energetic level, assists in reversing the signs of ageing, also clearing judgments that are often locked unconsciously within the body.

Access bars £125
This fabulous energy healing treatment therapy consists of 32 points on the head, these points are lightly touched to release negative/dense energies stuck in the brain/body, thus allowing for positive change and abundance.
The amazing feeling after this treatment is indescribable.

Energy healing courses are available. £300 for 3